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"David Bianco is an intuitive professional actor who has understood that real efficient acting comes from within....In other words, we must be able to define our own personal truths before impersonating others. The combination of heart , soul and honesty is what defines David Bianco’s skill set. If you’re looking to improve your craft as a professional actor and book solid work, David Bianco will help you get there!"

Ralph Prosper
Actor, Academy Award nominated film "Rebel"

"After many years of trying, just when I thought that crossing over as a singer-actor in the Philippines to booking work in the U.S. doing what I love was not in the cards for me, I signed up for my friend David Bianco's 1:1 career coaching program. I am very happy to say that his guidance was what finally made the difference. Just in the past week, I found representation with a New York- based agent, bagged two roles in 2 films and a commercial. God bless your heart, David!"

Rachel Alejandro
Actor, Quezon's Game

Unlock Free Actor Resume Template

Finally landed that big audition but your actor resume hasn't been formatted since 2014? Or are you new to the game and are still using your resume from high school? Been there! Stay organized and updated with this easy to use free template I am offering!

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Finally landed that big audition but your resume hasn't been updated since 2014? New to the game and not sure what to include?

Don’t panic. You are not alone. 

Wouldn’t you rather be preparing for your audition instead of stressing over indents, fonts and formatting? Polishing that devastating monologue instead of agonizing over which high school play to include?

Stay organized and updated with this easy-to-use 100% FREE actor resume template, formatted with industry standards in mind. It will save you time, energy and money so that you can focus on what matters most - your acting.

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