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Bianco Productions is a family owned and operated film production and coaching company.  Founded by David & Jennifer Bianco in 2022, the company strives to elevate the human condition through creating quality content, emphasizing community connection, encouraging artist empowerment and establishing a fun work environment with a diverse team of professionals focused on growth. 


We are dedicated to increasing the standard of quality in all aspects of our business: film production, demo reels, acting classes & 1:1 coaching.


We value human connection. Making movies is no solo act.  We create and we grow together! Bianco Productions provides a fun environment where actors, film makers, artists, storytellers and regular people can develop and bring their stories to life. 


Our goal is to encourage actors and artists to take hold of their careers and step into their empowerment. 


We uplift and inspire our community members through mentorship, education, hands on training and real life production experience.  We are committed to a unified vision of growth. 


Production Schedule

  • In 2021, Bianco Productions co-produced the award winning short film Magic Savior with Klic Klac Films.  It completed post production in March 2022 and has been submitted to film festivals internationally. 
  • The short film Encounters shot and wrapped production in January-March 2022.  It is currently in the festival circuit and in the process of finding distribution.
  • Bianco Productions started producing demo reels for their 1:1 coaching clients.  We are gearing up to have several demo days in the near future for groups of actors.
  • 2022-2023 Bianco Productions will be producing one more short film drama featuring Jennifer Blair-Bianco and Dannon Everett.

Film Production

Do you have a story you want to bring to life?  We are happy to serve you and help bring it to the screen.

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Demo Reels

We are excited to collaborate with you and help you create a demo reel that represents you and features your strongest acting chops.  We have 1 last Demo Days Workshop offering in 2022. Sign up! Spots fill up fast!

Demo Days

Classes & Coaching

Elevate your acting career with acting classes & 1:1 coaching! We just launched our new acting classes starting mid September 2022.  For 1:1 coaching, you get a custom action plan curated by David and we work side by side to help you get unstuck and into building momentum.  Let's get you booking!

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Internship Opportunities

We are searching for 2 PA's (production assistant) for our Demo Day Workshop on December 3rd & 4th. Responsibilities vary from printing scripts, running production errands and relaying messages on behalf of the production team to help the production run smoothly.  Career advancement opportunities available.

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