Jump into a nurturing environment where growth is encouraged, career strategy is executed,  on-call support is at your fingertips and your potential is unlimited.


You feel stuck.  You have had seasons of waiting to get that job and your booking prospects are slim.  You get overwhelmed by the work you have to do in editing your casting profiles.  You don't know where to start with social media or how to network. Should you switch agents? Showing up feels like a chore.  

Well, fellow actor, it is time to shift your energy and move into a space of growth and empowerment.  Are you ready for it?


This is for you if...


You are burned out and are ready to throw in the towel. You have had sporadic bookings at best and are looking for consistency.


You would feel so much more confident if you could have tangible steps given to you and curated support to help you visualize and embody the kind of life you dream of.


You need the full support and guidance of a mentor like David who has been through the challenges of starting out, securing agents/managers, making long lasting industry connections, staying consistent in booking & living the dream.


You are an experienced actor who is consistently booking and getting called back for high profile jobs BUT you haven't landed any of your callbacks for the last 6 months and feel like you need a mentor who can help you find that spark again for the work!


You have done the same things over and over again as an actor and you are ready to invest in yourself to gain different results.  It is time to get up, elevate your game and step into a flow of empowerment!



What you get...

Two 60 minute strategy calls & Two audition self tape session calls per month for 6 months  
On call 9-5pm CST support from David to talk & ask questions.  *Last minute emergency calls for auditions or bookings are the exception
Free access to The Actor Workbook & Notion Template ($98 in value)

The Investment






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Musa Aden

Actor on Apple TV+ & Film Producer

I had an audition for a special role on an Apple TV series and I reached out to David Bianco for support.  David helped me with that audition and I landed the role! I also used the same audition technique for an international film I auditioned for which I landed also. I want to thank you David, your help means a lot to me!


Annabelle Ciancuillo

 LA & Chicago Based Actor

I had just moved to LA and I was in need of a demo reel and David helped me gather all the materials and team I needed.  He made it happen to create this awesome demo reel that I now have!  This soon led to me getting representation. He has also been really great in helping me with networking, promoting myself on instagram and establishing my brand.  It's been awesome working with David!

Ralph Prosper

Montreal based Actor

Dedication.  Commitment. Passion.  Honesty.  Those are a few words that I think about when I speak about David Bianco.  He is that type of trainer that can make you realize and see things in a different way and also make you a better person.  David is not the type of teacher that will quit on you, so therefore you can not quit on yourself.